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Jacobi top quality products for over 66 years

Jacobi Company was established in 1954 by Jacob Jacobi as a little D.I.Y. Shop for paints, construction materials and household cleaning projects in south Tel-Aviv.
Ever since, there are 2 basic guidelines for the company: quality without compromise with a reasonable price.
It is extremely important for us that our consumers will enjoy the most innovative and the world’s leading products, but will not pay more than the market price.


Another guideline for Jacobi is the ease of use. Here at Jacobi we assume that the consumer is inexperienced, so we have to answer this inexperience with a simple to use quality products, smart packaging and clear “how to use” instructions, while providing friendly and professional support and service.


As for today, Jacobi imports more than 1,300 products from 50 leading manufacturers from all over the world. Among these products are detergents, maintenance products, paints, sealing products, glues and painting accessories which are distributed all over Israel in more than 5,000 stores.

65 years

Years of activity


Unique products


Leading manufacturers

from all around the world


Distribution points
All over the country


Our vision

Our unique method of working is based on examination of the local market and understanding the Israeli consumer needs. The company then carefully examines leading manufacturers from all over the world who specialize in the same field in order to find the best-performing manufacturer for the problem. The company’s R&D teams, together with the international teams, work together to adapt the formula and final product to the local market while maintaining uncompromising quality.

Research & Development

Every year, Jacobi brings to the Israeli consumer a large number of new and advanced products with breakthrough technologies from all over the world. As a leading company in the market, Jacobi is committed to placing a high quality threshold that will ensure added value that gives the user confidence in the result.


Things you did not know about Jacobi

  • The mythological store where the company was founded in 1954 is still operating in Tel Aviv ever since
  • Jacobi was the first to introduce the “window cleaner” to the Israeli consumer. Until then, they used only newspaper and water to clean.
  • Jacobi is one of the “do-it-yourself” leaders in Israel. A worldview that says that every person can solve the house problems with the right product and the right accompaniment.
  • Jacobi has the largest range of home maintenance solutions in Israel, with a wide range of products for the areas of painting, maintenance, adhesion to house cleaning and polishing.
  • Jacobi is a family-owned company that has maintained its history, values ​​and knowledge to date, while providing high quality and affordable products with an emphasis on Israeli consumer service.
The development of the industry

During the 1950s and 1960s severe regulation was applied on importing products into Israel and in order to obtain an import permit, the importer had to prove that the product fulfills a function that does not exist in the domestic market. As a result, the supply of products in the market was very limited. At the same time, Israeli women began to join the labor market and stopped being “housewives”, creating a market need for effective and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner.

The Jacobi Company was established

In 1954, the first Jacobi store in southern Tel Aviv was opened by Jacob Jacobi. Paint shop, building materials and detergents.

Across the sea

In order to bring products and solutions to Israel that meet the new demands of consumers, Jacob Jacobi decided to look for unique products overseas. In his travels around the world, Jacob encountered a field that was previously unknown in Israel – the “do it yourself” field. Unlike the colors and finishing materials designed for professionals, the concept of “Do It Yourself” is quite different.

Second generation of investment

Jacob’s two sons joined the company and have since promoted and expanded the company’s layout and product range while maintaining the Israeli vision and service in a professional and reliable manner.

Opening the flagship store - Jacobi Center

Jacobi opens its flagship store in Petah Tikva, close to the company’s warehouses and offices, to allow the consumer direct contact with the company and expose it to the rich variety and knowledge the company has to offer.

Jacobi is crowned as a super brand in Israel

Jacobi is first crowned as a super brand in Israel by the “Superbrands”, thanks to you consumers, who have expressed confidence in the company and its products over the years.

Maintaining high quality with focus on the environment

Jacobi places itself as the supreme value of the health creditor and environmental protection. Ever since, Jacobi has led the industry, with a wide range of “green products” growing in the world of cleaning and dyeing. At Jacobi you will find the series of “Hydro Paints” for wood and metal, hypoallergenic and “Fragrance” non-odorous, with a very low VOC for painting walls and ceilings, the “non-lead” Hammerite metal paint, the Claro dishwashing detergent series with no phosphates and a series of “Astonish” products, all of which have not been tested on environmental products and Judaism.

The new Jacobi site is published

The premise that sometimes the relationship with the consumer does not end as soon as the product is purchased but continues throughout the execution phase and until the result is obtained. The purpose of the site is to make the vast range of solutions that the company has to offer and tailor to each consumer the solution, providing detailed explanations, guides and close customer service in real time.


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